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The Custom Internet Online Backup service (OLB) is designed to keep a backup copy of your vital information on a remote high security server.

In order for this to work, a piece of software must be installed on the PC that is being backed up.  This will check on changes to your data and upload any new or updated files to the server.

In order for you to be able to use the OLB service, an account must be created for you on the backup server.  Normally this will be done for you on receipt of your application, and the access details will have been sent to you.

This information comprises a ‘Login Name’ and ‘Password’.

Note that like all service access credentials, this information is personal and confidential to you, and must be kept safe and secure.

Having ensured that your account is active and you have the login details, we can get started.


Performing the Installation

  1. Check that you have the login information etc. to hand.

  2. Ensure that your PC is connected to the internet.

  3. Download the software from here.  Save it in your ‘Downloads’ folder or somewhere else if you prefer.

  4. Once the download has completed, navigate to the download location and double click on the downloaded file.

  5. A screen prompt will ask for your permission to make changes to your PC – click ‘Yes’.

  6. Screen 1The installation opening screen will now come up.  Make sure that any other applications that you have open are closed.  Click the ‘Next’ button to continue.

  7. The licence

    The Licence Information will be displayed - tick the box to accept the software terms and then click the ‘Next’ button.

  8. Software install locationThe next screen will ask you to choose where you want the software to be installed. 

    Unless you have a really good reason to change the default location, simply click the ‘Next’ button.

  9. User choiceYou will now be asked whether to allow all users or just the current one to use the software. 

    Choose the option you want and click ‘Next’.

  10. Confirmation screenReview the information on the next screen, and if you are happy with everything, click the ‘Install’ button.

  11. Install complete

    Once the install has completed a completion screen will be shown – simply click the ‘Finish’ button to close the installer and continue with the setup.

  12. A further screen prompt will ask for your permission to make changes to your PC – click ‘Yes’.

  13. Login

    When requested, enter the Login Name and Password you have been given.

    Tick the ‘Save Password’ box and then click ‘OK’.

    The system will now connect to the backup server – please be patient!

  14. Folder Select

    The next screen starts the creation of a new Backup Set by selecting the folders that you want to include in your backup.  Either choose one of the standard selections or use the ‘Advanced’ button to choose the folders to include.

    Advanced folder select
    Click ‘Next’ once all the required folders have been selected.

  15. SchedulingThe next screen sets up the scheduling options.  Choose the days and time for scheduled backups to run.

    Remember to choose a time at which your PC will be on and not in sleep or hibernation mode.

    Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  16. Encryption keyThe final screen sets up the Encryption Key, which is used to encode your information before sending it to the backup server.

    We recommend that you set your own key.

    It is absolutely vital that you do not lose the key as it will be needed to access your information.

  17. OLB Home ScreenThis completes the setup and you will be returned to the main screen.

    Click the ‘Save Setting’ button to record your changes.


It is worth spending a little time familiarising yourself with the various buttons on the control panel.

Note that the first backup run following setup may take a while depending on the amount of data you are backing up and your broadband speed.



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