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News : August 2015


Here is our August selection of news and information for our business customers and friends. If you need any more information or help, do please get in touch.

This edition looks at Windows 10, your business email and the cost of doing nothing.


Windows 10

The new Windows 10 was released last month and several users have been asking if they should upgrade.  Our advice is that unless you really need the new features, to hold off for a little while to let the teething problems get sorted out.
In any case, upgrading the operating system is not a trivial process and carries some risks.  We will happily help you plan any migration and ensure that any business critical processes are protected.


Business Emails

It's important for business owners to remember that every business email they send should legally include certain business information in the same way that written communications must.  This includes your Company and VAT numbers (if applicable) and the address of your registered office and / or trading address. You may also want to include a disclaimer covering confidentially and viruses.
You should ensure that all email users in your business use the same email signature as this is set up on a per-user basis.  Creating email signatures is not hard to do, but if you need assistance with this or any other aspect of your mail setup, do call us.


The Cost of Inaction

It's easy to do nothing, but the cost of inaction can show in lots of ways.

We can help you with all these issues, and the cost of finding out how is just NOTHING - please call for a free initial consultation.



Details of our current offers on refurbished hardware are here, or call for more information.  As well as the systems listed, we have access to a wide range of refurbished systems with good specifications at very reasonable prices.
New offers will be posted on our Facebook page as they become available, so do please 'like' our page to stay up to date.


Online backupOnline Backup

The importance of keeping a regular backup of your business data cannot be over stated. Lose your business data and at best you will have big problems; at worst, your business will fail.

Our system is cloud based, but very down to earth. It is ...

Packages start at a modest 5Gb and can be upgraded as your needs grow.
We offer a 30 day free trial with no obligation. 

Click here for more information.


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