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Security update. Keeping your backup systems up to date.



The recent news regarding ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attacks emphasises the need for constant vigilance regarding anything - emails, downloads etc. that comes on to your systems from outside.

This link gives a quick overview of ‘WannaCry’ and some of the actions you should take to reduce the risk of being affected : .

Do call us if you need any further help or guidance.


Your Backups - what's included?

... and more to the point, what have you NOT backed up?

All users should be.backing up their working data on a regular basis, but don't forget things like downloads and files that are being kept for archive purposes.  Things that don't get updated very often can be saved to DVD or memory stick whilst keeping a reference copy on your machine. Always think in terms of having at least 2 copies of everything.


Refurbished and Pre-owned Systems

Don't forget that as well as supplying brand new PCs, we also offer a selection of refurbished machines which can be viewed on this website. We list a good selection of laptops as well as desktops and 'All in One' systems. All these machines are fully refurbished to 'as new' condition at prices that can show considerable savings over a brand new system. 

Click here for our latest PC selection.


Cartridges and Consumables

For local customers, we run a printer cartridge and consumables supply service.

We send a monthly email to our Club members, which includes our current prices for their cartridges and a selection of common stationery items as well as special offers and member discounts.

To register for this exclusive service, please contact us or simply complete the subscription form, and we will include you on our list.


Anti Virus Software

Viruses and Malware are becoming more sophisticated and you need to keep pace with them.  Do ensure that you keep your Anti Virus software fully up to date.

Call if you need any further help or advice.


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