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13 April 2020 - Video meeting hints and tips

With the dramatic rise in the use of online remote working, video meetings and discussions, we have put together a set of notes to help business and individuals get the most out this activity whilst maintaining their online security and privacy.

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7 April 2020 - stuff you need tp keep.

Make sure you have the things you need to keep! With the start of the new tax and/or financial year, it’s important to make sure you have safe copies of the data you need for records and returns. Do check and update your business data retention policy and procedures.

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23 March 2020 - remote PC support.

We hope that all our customers and friends are staying well In these difficult days. We are still able to function and can offer support on the phone, by email or using our Remote Desktop support service. We will do our best to keep you going - even if it’s at arm’s length!

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