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News : July 2015

Here is our July selection of news and information for our home user customers and friends. If you need any more information or help, do please get in touch.

This edition looks at the cost of doing nothing, hints on using email, disaster recovery and we have some special offers on Apple and PC hardware.

What's the cost of doing nothing?

If your PC is more than about 5 years old, it's certainly worth considering an upgrade. Having a more up to date machine can bring significant benefits

Sounds expensive?  Well the cost of doing something can be less than you think, so do call and we can work through all the options with you.  Also click here for our selected refurbished PCs.

Email - Hints and Tips

We all use email to pass messages and information to each other, but there a few things to watch out for which will save us from problems and make the recipient's life easier.


Disaster Recovery

PCs are like your car - they usually work, but when they stop working, or simply won't start, they can be a real problem. Do make sure you have a plan in place for recovery should the worst happen.
Most important is your working data. Keep good regular backups of everything - working files, email, contacts and anything else which is important to you.
See below for more information on our Online Backup service.
We will also assist you by fixing hardware faults, system rebuilds etc. and will do our best to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Online Backup

Protect your valuable personal data, photographs and music. Our system is cloud based, but very down to earth. It is ...

Packages start at a modest 5GB and can be upgraded as your needs grow.
We offer a 30 day free trial with no obligation. 
Click here or call us now for a quote

Refurbished Hardware

Full details or our selection of refurbished hardware are here, or call for more information.  As well as the systems listed, we have access to a wide range of refurbished systems with good specifications at very reasonable prices.
New offers will be posted on our Facebook page as they become available, so do please 'like' our page to stay up to date.


email : enquiries@custom-internet.co.uk






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