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Information, Hints and Tips for our Business users

This month we discuss PC servicing, email signatures, basic SEO and share a few thoughts on password security.


PC Servicing

You all (hopefully!) have your cars and business vehicles serviced from time to time as they are very important in keeping you moving and carrying on your day to day business.  But what about the PC systems you and your staff rely on to do jobs and hold your vital information?

In normal use, every PC collects some debris and a whole pile of software 'litter'.  The result is that information gets more difficult to find, and the machine slows down.  We can help you keep your machines working to their best ability by performing a 'Routine Preventative Maintenance' where we will give the machine a good clean inside and out, check for malware as well as other performance problems, and ensure that routine backups etc. are working correctly.

Do call if you would like us to do this for you.

Email Signatures

The signatures that we include at the end of our business email messages are an important part of the 'impression' we make on our recipients. Good design is as important here as it is on our brochures and web site. Support and build your brand by being consistent with your other published material.

There are some items that you must include and others that you might wish to. Our newly revised guidelines include information on all these things, as well as a quick tutorial for Outlook 2013 and later users.

Click here for the guide


Search Engines

Getting listed in search engines is vital in attracting visitors to your web site.  This however is only the first step. You now have to convince the searcher that your site has what they are looking for. Two key elements in this are the page 'Title' which the user sees at the top of the browser window, and the 'Description'.  Between these 2 elements, you have up to 180 characters to tell the user what your page is about and convince them to visit.  Doing this without repeating what has been used on other pages and without reading like a string of meaningless text, is not as easy as it sounds.

It's all part of the basic Search Engine Optimisation that every site owner should be doing, and that few make enough time for.
We have the tools to analyse your site and find the duplications and phrases that are too long or short.  Why not ask us to take a look and help you improve the performance of your site.


Click here for our basic SEO guide


Passwords are an essential part of maintaining the security of our machines and online activity. In a business environment, it is especially important to keep sensitive and confidential information safe from prying eyes. The stronger your passwords, the harder it is for hackers and those people who you need to keep out. So what makes a strong password?




Details of our current offers on refurbished hardware are here, or call for more information. We currently have a wide range of iPads available as well as some nice laptops with screen sizes ranging from 11.6" right up to 17". As well as the systems listed, we have access to a wide range of refurbished systems with good specifications at very reasonable prices.

New offers will be posted on our Facebook page as they become available, so do please 'like' our page to stay up to date.


Online cloud backupOnline Backup

The importance of keeping a regular backup of your business data cannot be over stated. Lose your business data and at best you will have big problems and at worst, your business will fail.

Our system is cloud based, but very down to earth. It is ...

Package quotas start at a modest 5Gb and can be upgraded as your needs grow.

We offer a 30 day free trial with no obligation. 

Click here for more information.






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