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This month we introduce you to our 'Cartridge Club', help you to clean up your PC and share a few thoughts on password security.


Cartridges and Consumables

It's always annoying when you need a new cartridge for your printer and haven't got one, so we always advise people to carry at least one spare 'on the shelf'.  For our 'local' customers we have a cartridge and consumables supply service.  We'd like to thank everyone who has made use of this.  As from this month, we'll be sending out a regular email to those people we have supplied in the past, with our latest prices for their cartridges and other common stationery items.

If you haven't bought consumables from us in the past and would like to receive this, please either call, email or go to the club signup page and register your details.


More Spring Cleaning

In previous newsletters, we have shared some tips on keeping the outside of your PC clean and well ventilated, but what about the software inside? 

Most machines will end up being cluttered with software from cameras, phones and printers that you no longer have.  In normal use, there will also be temporary files and other bits of software 'litter' lying around which take up space and impact the machine's performance..

It can be helpful to run the 'Disk Cleanup' utility once in a while.  You will find this under 'All programs / Accessories / System Tools'.  Simply follow the on screen prompts. Be warned - the initial scan can take a little while (especially if you have a big disk).

You can clean up redundant software and devices using the 'Programs' item on the Control Panel.  Be aware however, that the list of stuff you get here will include all sorts of things that you may not recognise but which are important to keep.  The general rule is that if you don't 100% know what something is, then leave it well alone.

If you are at all unsure about any routine maintenance tasks, why not ask us to come and give your machine a health check and general clean up.



Passwords are an essential part of maintaining the security of our machines and online activity. The stronger your password, the harder it is for hackers and those people who you need to keep out. So what makes a strong password?


Viruses and Malware

Keeping your Anti-Virus software properly up to date is an important maintenance task for every PC user. In particular, users of Kaspersky security products need to ensure they have the latest version to work with Windows 10.  Do call if you need further help or advice.



Details of our current offers on refurbished hardware are here, or call for more information. We currently have a wide range of iPads available as well as some nice 17" laptops with screen sizes ranging from 11.6" right up to 17". As well as the systems listed, we have access to a wide range of refurbished systems with good specifications at very reasonable prices.

New offers will be posted on our Facebook page as they become available, so do please 'like' our page to stay up to date.


Online cloud backupOnline Backup

The importance of keeping a regular backup of your business data cannot be over stated. Lose your business data and at best you will have big problems and at worst, your business will fail.

Our system is cloud based, but very down to earth. It is ...

Package quotas start at a modest 5Gb and can be upgraded as your needs grow.

We offer a 30 day free trial with no obligation. 

Click here for more information.






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