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News : October 2016


This month we take a look at optimizing your web site, planning your hardware upgrades, keeping your anti virus software up to date and protecting yourself from power surges and glitches.


Search Engine Optimization

Most prospective customers will use search engines to find the products and services that they require. If your web site does not appear in search results for things that are relevant to you, then you will be missing out on enquiries.

Site optimization is something that you should be doing on a regular basis to make sure that your content continues to reflect both your business and your customers' needs.

We would be very happy to help you identify and correct any parts of your site that need attention and have a number of resources to help you ...



Hardware Upgrades

How old is your PC? Many users continue to struggle with systems that are long overdue for an upgrade or replacement.  If you are working with a machine older than 5 years then it might be time to consider upgrading.

We offer a full specification service for both new and refurbished machines. A selection of the refurbished machines available can be viewed on our web site, or call for more details.

New offers will be posted on our Facebook page as they become available, so do please 'like' our page to stay up to date.


Click here for our latest PC selection.


Just as important to the upgrade process is the software.  If you have important programs for accounting or other critical tasks, it's wise to check that they are compatible with your new PC.  Likewise any peripheral hardware such as printers or scanners. Some older devices may no longer be supported, so it's a good idea to check.


Anti Virus Software

Many anti virus software suppliers are now bringing out new versions of their products. This is one of the few areas where it does make sense to remain as up to date as you can.  The latest versions will often include new features and improvements to their threat detection capabilities.

Viruses and Malware are becoming more sophisticated and you need to keep pace with them.

Do call if you need any further help or advice.


Power Protection

It only takes a fraction of a second to wreck your PC or other peripherals. Power cuts, surges and spikes can easily damage vulnerable equipment. Even switching high load equipment or machinery on or off can send damaging power spikes to your PC through the mains wiring.

You can protect your PCs, servers and other critical equipment in several ways ....

  1. Ensure that all your computer equipment is powered via a 'Surge Suppressor'. These devices will filter out any big power spikes and ensure that your equipment gets 'clean power'.  These items are available in single or multi-way configurations.
  2. Critical PCs or servers can be supplied through a 'UPS' (uninterruptable power supply). As well as providing power filtering, they will automatically switch over to a backup battery in the event of a power cut.  If the power is not restored in time, then the UPS will shut down the PC safely.

Do call if you would like further help or advice with protecting your equipment.


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