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News : September 2015


This month we take a brief look at the new Windows 10, viruses and malware, and keeping your printer going.


Windows 10

The new Windows 10 was released a few months ago and several users have been asking if they should upgrade.  Our advice is that unless you really need the new features, to hold off for a little while to let the teething problems get sorted out.

In any case, upgrading the operating system is not a trivial process and carries some risks.  We will happily help you plan your migration and ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Viruses and Malware

It's all stuff you don't want on your machine. Viruses can be downright dangerous and often arrive on poisoned emails or disks from elsewhere.  Disks or memory sticks from someone else should always be scanned for viruses before use.  Anti-virus software is something you should always have on your machine and kept fully up to date.  Call us if you require help or advice with your anti-virus software.

Malware comes in all sorts of guises - browser toolbars and add-ons, 'useful' utilities that pop up and ask for money to turn them on, web pages redirected to advertising or adult content sites. Often this type of infection will be picked up from a web site, email, or arrive on the back of something else.  Clearing these infections up can be quite difficult, so do call us if you think you have a problem.


Printing and Printers

Your printer is often the unsung workhorse of your setup, so a little TLC can often prevent problems down the line.

We supply a range of inks, paper and other consumables.  We keep the common Epson ink ranges in stock and will get others to order. We do free delivery to customers in our local area. Please call for prices etc..


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