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Cloud Backup Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a fully automated service that allows you to select all the important data files stored on your PC and upload them via your internet connection to secure servers at a location away from your home or business premises.

This is done automatically and at a time most convenient to you.

It is a cost effective and more reliable alternative to performing manual backups.


What are the benefits of cloud backup over conventional methods?

How does it work?

A small software package is installed on the PC that holds your data. The system is then set to securely connect to our remote servers via your Internet connection (normally during the night) and upload any of your selected data files that have changed since the last time the backup was run.

This data is fully encrypted and password protected and is sent across a secure connection. Only people with authorisation and passwords, can gain access to recover the files. The data is stored on our remote servers in two UK data centres.

You can also perform backups outside the regular schedule if required.


Is Technical knowledge necessary in order to perform cloud data backup?


Will cloud backup work on my computer?

The backup service supports all major computer platforms including Microsoft Windows (from 95 onwards) and Apple Mac Osx.


How Much Backup Space will I need?

Folder PropertiesAlthough your data is compressed before being stored, the degree of compression will depend on the file type.

To check your requirements, find the folders which contain the things you want to back up. Note that any sub folders will be included automatically. Right click on the top level folder and select 'Properties'. A window will open and show you the total size of that folder.

Repeat this for any other folders you need, and then add the sizes together.

Backup space (or 'quota') is available from 5GB upwards in units of 5GB. You should ask for the next highest available quota.


Will I receive reports concerning my cloud back up?

After every backup job, the user is emailed a report detailing the progress of the job and a list of all files that were affected.


Are multiple versions of data stored?

Any backed up version of data can be retrieved.


When can I access my backed up files?

You can restore your files anytime, 24/7, 365 days per year to anywhere that has an Internet connection.


Is cloud data backup secure?

Cloud data backup is now widely accepted as being the backup method of choice for most SME's simply because it is so much more secure than traditional methods.

If you currently operate an in-house USB disk based solution there are many ways in which data loss can still occur. A disk may be faulty, or a USB drive could be stolen or lost etc.

Online backup requires no human intervention and there is nothing physical to handle so there is no chance it can go missing.

With cloud backup, all your files are fully encrypted and password protected prior to leaving your computer or network. Encryption of your data is to military standard and it cannot be read or decrypted by anyone other than authorised people and only then if they have the decryption key.


Is my backup backed up?

We have equipment installed in two UK data centres so any data sent to our primary site in London is also replicated to our secondary site in Bournemouth. It also important to know that it is a private Cloud and not open to all and sundry.


Are my backups monitored for errors?

We monitor all backup reports on a daily basis.


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