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1. Definitions

  1. Supplier means Custom Internet Limited.
  2. Services means web site hosting services, email and other related services as may be provided by the Supplier from time to time.
  3. System means the Custom Internet private server through which the Services are provided.
  4. User means the person or organisation who is provided with or granted access to the Services.

2. Scope

  1. This document forms an addition to the Supplier’s standard terms and conditions of business. It applies to those customers who are provided with email, web site and domain hosting services on the Supplier’s private servers.
  2. The Supplier reserves the right to amend this document as may be required by the server providers, business considerations or technical requirements.

3. Access and Security

  1. Access to the System and associated services is provided for the use of the nominated User only. The user may not re-sell, rent out or otherwise allow use of the services by any third party.
  2. Usernames, passwords and other information required to access the Services must be kept confidential. The user undertakes to practice good password security according to accepted industry standards.

4. Limitations of Use

  1. The Services may only be used for those purposes which are legal under English law and in accord with the Users business or occupation.
  2. The following uses of the Services are expressly prohibited:
    • For the storage, transmission or distribution of material which is the copyright of a third party without having obtained the appropriate permission.
    • For the storage, transmission or distribution of material which is sexually explicit.
    • For the storage, transmission, offer for sale, transfer or distribution of material or items which are prohibited under English law.
    • For the sending of ‘bulk’ email (identical or near identical email sent to many addresses). The Supplier will gladly assist any User requiring this type of facility.
    • To engage in, promote or encourage any activity contrary to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and subsequent legislation.

5. Misuse of the Service

  1. 1. The Supplier retains the right to restrict or discontinue use of the service to Users who do not adhere to the limitations of use or who exceed the allocated bandwidth or disk space quotas.

  2. In cases where the Supplier incurs additional costs resulting from such activity by the User,
    such costs and the Supplier’s additional fees will be charged to the User.

3. Service Availability

  1. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure a continuous service, this cannot guaranteed. Where an interruption of service occurs, the Supplier will make every effort to restore service as soon as possible.

  2. The servers used to deliver the Services are housed in high security data centres located in the United Kingdom and have a guaranteed 99.95% uptime. This guarantee only applies to the servers themselves. Network infrastructure failures are specifically excluded.

4. Backups

  1. Unless specifically agreed in writing, the Supplier will not provide any form of backup service for User’s data.


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