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Desktop PC Memory Installation Guide

Adding extra memory is a good way to enhance the performance of your PC, and is a relatively easy upgrade to perform.

Before starting, ensure that you have obtained the correct memory part for your PC - not all machines will work with all types, even if they physically fit.

Electronic components are very sensitive to damage through electrostatic discharge. So before you touch any electronic components, touch an unpainted, grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity stored on your clothing or body. The use of an anti-static wrist-band is recommended for the best protection.



Virtual Memory - WindowsXP

XP Virtual memory screenWindowsXP users may need to adjust the system's virtual memory settings:


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Memory upgrades for Acer, Dell, Compaq / HP, eMachines, Packard Bell, Toshiba etc. (self install) are available on request - please call for a quote.