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1. Definitions

  1. Supplier means Custom Internet Limited.
  2. Services means the web site development services, email, hardware supply and other related services as may be provided by the Supplier from time to time.
  3. User means the person or organisation who is provided with or granted access to the Services.


2. Scope

  1. This document forms an addition to the Supplier’s standard terms and conditions of business.
  2. The Supplier reserves the right to amend this document as may be required by changes in legislation or other business considerations.


3. Customer Information

  1. When you purchase goods from us or subscribe to our mailing list, we will only collect sufficient information from you to enable us to fulfill your order or subscription.
  2. Whilst we track visits to our web site, all data collected is totally annonymous and cannot be linked to any individual. This site does not make use of cookies to track visitor information.
  3. Under no circumstances do we pass your personal information to any other person or organisation.


4. Backups

  1. In order to maintan the security of our systems we keep duplicate copies all the data we hold. In addition, all the information is backed up to high security data centres located in the United Kingdom.


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