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The Custom Internet 'Business Briefings' are short reports and information sheets on topics of interest to businesses seeking to make best use of the internet and IT systems.

All our briefings are available for download in Adobe .pdf format.


Web Page Checklist

Every business web site needs checking over from time to time to keep it fresh and ensure that any errors get picked up. Here is our FREE handy checklist of things you can verify with just your eyes!

Download (116K pdf)


Business Resolutions

We all make (and break) our New Year Resolutions, but here are a few that any business would do well to keep.

Download (59K pdf)


Moving to Windows 10

Microsoft have announced that support for Windows 7 will end on the 14th of January 2020. Our quick guide covers the main issues you shoud consider when migrating to Windows 10.

Download (61K pdf)


System Maintenance

You look after your car, so why not your PC. Our briefing on system routine maintenance outlines some of the key things that you should keep an eye on to ensure that your PC keeps runing as well as possible

Download (115K pdf)



Could you survive data loss? Read our short summary of the available options for preserving your business data.

Download (116K pdf)


Email Signatures

The signatures we include at the end of our business email messages are an important part of the 'impression' we make on our recipients. Our newly revised guidelines include information on what you might and must include, as well as a quick tutorial for Outlook 2013 and later users.

Download (176K pdf)


PC Security

PC and internet security is just as important for both the home and small business PC user.  Here is a list of the main things to consider for both your online and local activity.

Download (116K pdf)


SEO - Getting the basics right

Many web sites are failing to perform to their best advantage by simply not getting a few simple things right. Read our basic introduction.

Download (117K pdf)


Online Trading

Thinking about trading online? Read our quick guides to 'Getting Started' and 'Getting Paid'.


Three Questions

.... that you should ask of your web site.

Many web sites are ineffective because their designers have failed to get answers to three basic questions.

Download (119KB pdf)


Is your Web Site a 'AAA'?

Many business web sites under perform by being too slow, difficult to use or having insufficient information - is yours one of these?

Download (68KB pdf)


Why have a web site?

Cost effective business promotion - a review of the key benefits.

Download (99KB pdf)


The Seven Deadly Sins of a Web Site

How can your web site make your customers call the competition?

Out of all the business web sites we visit, many have a major problem - one or more of these 'seven sins'.

Download (67KB pdf)


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