August 2017 News from Custom Internet

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This month we have a few reminders about keeping your web site content up to date and search engine optimisation.


Web site Updates

It's a good idea to take some time to go through your web site and ensure that everything is ready for when the holidays are over.

It doesn't take long for information on your web site to get out of date so you should check to ensure that all your content is still relevant and correct. It's well worthwhile checking each block of content against the following questions:


  1. Who is it for? It should be appropriate for your target audience (or a part of it).
  2. What is it for? It must have a clear reason for being there.
  3. How does it fit? It must integrate with your marketing, sales and support activity.

We have summarised these key questions in our briefing note which can be downloaded from here.


Search Engine Optimisation

When changing the content of pages, it is important you should also check that the page titles and descriptions are still correct. Getting this information right is vital if your page is to feature correctly in search engine listings.  Our free briefing note will help you get started with the basic things that need to be checked and updated.


Web site Backup

We have mentioned data backup on numerous occasions in the past and it's a vital part of keeping your information safe and secure. However it is easy however to forget the information held as part of your web site. Whilst modern web servers are very reliable, a failure could be catastrophic.

The information held on a modern 'Content Managed' site such as an e-commerce system is highly dynamic and requires a daily backup of all the information being held, and especially the database that stores it.


Brand New or Renew?

Choosing a new PC is a key business decision. With so many different machines available, the choice can be confusing.  So before you make a purchase, do call us to discuss your requirements.

As well as new systems with all the latest features, it is worthwhile considering a refurbished machine. Most of the systems on our list are sourced from the 'HP Renew Program'. These systems offer the same reliability and performance as new HP products, but for a significantly lower price, and are the perfect high quality alternative if you have a limited budget.

All the HP Renew products undergo a thorough refurbishment and testing process, fully restoring the functional quality of the product. All these machines are backed by an HP 12 Month Warranty.

Just as important as the machine hardware is the software. If you have important programs for accounting or other critical tasks, it's wise to check that they are compatible with your proposed PC.  You should also check any peripheral hardware such as printers or scanners. Some older devices may no longer be supported, so it's wise to check.

We have an ever changing selection of refurbished machines which can be viewed on our web site. Do call for more details. Click here for our latest refurbished PC selection.


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